Construct Validity of Maryland Safe and Supportive Schools Climate Survey in Iran: A Validation Study

صفحه 1-13
Maysam Rezapour؛ Narges Khanjani؛ Moghaddameh Mirzaee


Gender Differences in the Relationship between Perceived Competence and Physical Activity in Middle School Students: Mediating Role of Enjoyment

صفحه 14-20
Saeed Ghorbani؛ Saharnaz Nouhpisheh؛ Masoud Shakki


The Mediating Role of Academic Self-Regulation in the Relationship between Parenting Dimensions and Academic Procrastination

صفحه 21-29
Malahat Amani؛ Mohamad Mahdi Arbabi


The Relationship between Perfectionism and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD): Self-Regulation Processes as Moderator

صفحه 30-36
Mehdi Reza Sarafraz؛ Sarah Hemmati؛ Hassan Asadi-Lari


Adolescents’ Knowledge of Sexuality and Perceptions Regarding Teenage Pregnancy: A Qualitative Study among Secondary School Students in Ibadan, Southwest Nigeria

صفحه 37-45
OreOluwa Scott-Ashley؛ Samson Akande؛ Ayodeji Adebayo؛ Oluwatomi Iken


Effects of Basic Psychological Needs Satisfaction in the Physical Education on Leisure-Time Physical Activity Behavior of Primary School Students: Mediating Role of Autonomous Motivation

صفحه 46-53
MehdiGholi Gholidahaneh؛ Saeed Ghorbani؛ Akram Esfahaninia


The Effects of Reactive Neuromuscular Training on the Upper Quarter Posture in Students with Forward Head Posture: A Randomized Clinical Trial

صفحه 54-60
Hamed Nouri؛ Rahman Sheikhhoseini؛ Rasoul Eslami؛ Moosa-Reza Ghorbani


Current Speculations on the Low Incidence Rate of the COVID-19 among Children

صفحه 61-62
Dana Khdr Sabir؛ Karzan R Sidiq؛ Shakhawan M Ali

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