A New Look at Three Potential Mechanisms Proposed for the Carcinogenesis of 5G Radiation

صفحه 675-678
J J Bevelacqua؛ A R Mehdizadeh؛ S M J Mortazavi


Study of Photoneutron Production for the 18 MV Photon Beam of the Siemens Medical linac by Monte Carlo Simulation

صفحه 679-690
H Dowlatabadi؛ A A Mowlavi؛ M Ghorbani؛ S Mohammadi؛ C Knaup


Clinical Experience of Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy Pre-Treatment Quality Assurance for Carcinoma Head and Neck Patients with EPID and IMatriXX in Rural Center

صفحه 691-698
M More؛ V Jain؛ O P Gurjar


Effect of Silicone Rubber-Lead (SR-Pb) Thickness on Dose Reduction and Image Quality as Gonad Shield

صفحه 699-706
F Zahroh؛ C Anam؛ H Sutanto؛ Y Irdawati؛ Z Arifin؛ Y Kartikasari


Radioprotective Effects of Zinc and Selenium on Mice Spermatogenesis

صفحه 707-712
H Bagheri؛ A Salajegheh؛ A Javadi؛ P Amini؛ B Shekarchi؛ D Shabeeb؛ A Eleojo Musa؛ M Najafi


Correlation between Kidney Function and Sonographic Texture Features after Allograft Transplantation with Corresponding to Serum Creatinine: A Long Term Follow-Up Study

صفحه 713-726
A Abbasian Ardakani؛ A Sattar؛ J Abolghasemi؛ A Mohammadi


Medical Image Fusion using bi-dimensional empirical mode decomposition (BEMD) and an Efficient Fusion Scheme

صفحه 727-736
M Mozaffarilegha؛ A Yaghobi Joybari؛ A Mostaar


Detection of Active Plaques in Multiple Sclerosis using 3 and 12 Directional Diffusion-weighted Imaging: Comparison with Gadolinium-enhanced MR Imaging

صفحه 737-744
G H Meftahi؛ G Pirzad Jahromi؛ A Azari؛ P Ghaemmaghami


Lactobacillus Acidophilus and Lactobacillus Casei Exposed to Wi-Fi Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Radiation Show Enhanced Growth and Lactic Acid Production

صفحه 745-750
S Amanat؛ S M Mazloomi؛ H Asadimehr؛ F Sadeghi؛ F Shekouhi؛ S M J Mortazavi


Efficacy of Periapical Radiography and Three Cone-Beam Computed Tomography Systems for Detection of Peri-Implant Dehiscence Defects: An in- Vitro Study

صفحه 751-760
V Akheshteh؛ A Eskandarloo؛ S Saati؛ M R Jamalpour؛ N Mohammad Gholi Mezerji


Comparative Evaluation of Carbon Reinforced Polyetherketone Acetabular Cup using Finite Element Analysis

صفحه 761-770
A Abdal؛ R Noorani؛ G Cha


The Increment of Genoprotective Effect of Melatonin due to “Autooptic” Effect versus the Genotoxicity of Mitoxantrone

صفحه 771-782
M Zamani؛ M Etebari؛ Sh Moradi


Design and Preliminary Evaluation of a New Ankle Foot Orthosis on Kinetics and Kinematics parameters for Multiple Sclerosis Patients

صفحه 783-792
A Keyvani Hafshejani؛ Gh Aminian؛ M Azimian؛ M Bahramizadeh؛ Z Safaeepour؛ A Biglarian؛ M Keivani


Establishment of Diagnostic Reference Levels for Computed Tomography Scanning in Hamadan

صفحه 793-800
S Jafari؛ K Ghazikhanlu Sani؛ M Karimi؛ H Khosravi؛ R Goodarzi؛ M Pourkaveh


A Deep Learning Approach to Skin Cancer Detection in Dermoscopy Images

صفحه 801-806
A Ameri

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