A Comparative Study of Mindfulness Efficiency Based on Islamic-Spiritual Schemes and Group Cognitive Behavioral Therapy on Reduction of Anxiety and Depression in Pregnant Women

دوره 5، شماره 2، تابستان 2017، صفحه 144-152
Elahe Aslami؛ Ahmad Alipour؛ Fatemeh Sadat Najib؛ Alireza Aghayosefi


An Experimental Single-Case Design in Effectiveness of Oxytocin on Reducing Alcohol Addiction in a Patient with Oropharyngeal Carcinoma-the Mediation Role of Difficulties in Emotional Regulation

دوره 10، شماره 3، پاییز 2019، صفحه 275-279
Bijan Pirnia؛ Kambiz Pirnia


Anxiety and Depression in Patients with Coronary Heart Disease: A Study in a Tertiary Hospital

دوره 36، شماره 3، پاییز 2011، صفحه 201-206
Ho Siew Eng؛ Loo Chee Yean؛ Srijit Das؛ Santhna Letchmi؛ Khor Sin Yee؛ Rohayu A. Bakar؛ Jeliha Hung؛ Choy Yin Choy


Association of Upper Quarter Posture with Depression, Anxiety, and Level of Physical Activity in Sixth Grade Elementary School Students of Karaj City, Iran

دوره 7، شماره 1، فروردین 2020، صفحه 48-55
Shakiba Asadi-Melerdi؛ Elnaz Rajabi-Shamli؛ Rahman Sheikhhoseini؛ Hashem Piri


A survey of anxiety and depression among elderly people referred to health center of Larestan in 2019

دوره 8، شماره 1، فروردین 2020، صفحه 34-39
Hamed Delam؛ Mohammad-Rafi Bazrafshan


A Symptom Profile Analysis of Depression in a Sample of Iranian Patients

دوره 38، شماره 1، بهار 2013، صفحه 22-29
Ali Firoozabadi؛ Shekoofeh Seifsafari؛ Ahmad Ghanizadeh؛ Alireza Salehi


Causal Model for Depression Based on Psychological Capital by Mediating of Hospital Stress and Anxiety in Woman Nurses

دوره 4، شماره 4، زمستان 2017، صفحه 1-8
Fereshteh Baezzat؛ Mohammadtaghi Mirmostafaee؛ Abbas Akbari؛ Roya Abbasi-Asl


Common Psychological and Behavioral Disorders in Transgender People: An Epidemiological Review

دوره 9، شماره 1، فروردین 2021، صفحه 13-19
Mohammad-Rafi Bazrafshan؛ Ahmadreza Eidi؛ Omid Soufi؛ Hamed Delam


Comparison Between Achievement Goal, Perfectionism and Anxiety in High School Male and Female Students

دوره 2، شماره 2، تابستان 2015، صفحه 1-6
Sahar Hosseini Shirazi؛ Mohsen Jadidi؛ Mohammad Bagher Saberi Zafarghand


Correlation Between Hormonal and Neurochemical Changes and Depression With Menopausal STATUS: A Systematic Review

دوره 2، شماره 3، پاییز 2015، صفحه 1-6
Mostafa Chashmposh؛ Saeed Shirali؛ Esmaeel Ebrahimi؛ Alireza Barari


Correlations between severity of menopausal complications, depression, and anxiety

دوره 8، شماره 1، فروردین 2020، صفحه 16-21
Hamed Delam؛ Mohammad-Rafi Bazrafshan


Effectiveness of Group Narrative Therapy on Depression, Quality of Life, and Anxiety in People with Amphetamine Addiction: A Randomized Clinical Trial

دوره 45، شماره 2، خرداد 2020، صفحه 91-99
Jalal Shakeri؛ Seyed Mojtaba Ahmadi؛ Fateme Maleki؛ Mohammad Reza Hesami؛ Arash Parsa Moghadam؛ Akram Ahmadzade؛ Maryam Shirzadi؛ Adele Elahi


Effect of Anger Patterns and Depression on Serum IgA and NK Cell Frequency

دوره 13، شماره 1، بهار 2016، صفحه 37-44
Alireza Farnam؛ Jafar Majidi؛ Seyyed Gholamreza Nourazar؛ Morteza Ghojazadeh؛ Aliakbar Movassaghpour؛ Saeedeh Majidi Zolbanin


Effects of Continuous Care Model on Depression, Anxiety, and Stress in Iranian Elderly in Shiraz

دوره 7، شماره 1، بهار 2019، صفحه 13-21
Sakineh Gholamzadeh؛ Elahe Pourjam؛ Majid Najafi Kalyani


Evaluation of depression score in suicide attempters referring to hospitals affiliated to Shiraz University of Medical Sciences in 2018

دوره 7، شماره 4، دی 2019، صفحه 194-198
Mohammad-Rafi Bazrafshan؛ Hamed Delam


Loneliness and Depression in Self-Care Students in Mashhad Northeastern Iran

دوره 3، شماره 2، تابستان 2016، صفحه 1-6
Samaneh Sadat Fattahi Massoom؛ Hossein Salimi Bajestani


Mediating Role of Depression Associated with Social Competence, Cognitive Failures and Academic Performance in Students with Specific Learning Disability

دوره 8، شماره 3، پاییز 2021، صفحه 167-175
Zeynab Eskandari؛ Saeed Bakhtiarpour؛ Zahra Dasht Bozorgi


Predictors of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder among Victims of Serious Motor Vehicle Accidents

دوره 5، شماره 4، زمستان 2017، صفحه 355-364
Naema Khodadadi-Hassankiadeh؛ Nahid Dehghan Nayeri؛ Hooman Shahsavari؛ Shahrokh Yousefzadeh-Chabok؛ Hamid Haghani


Prevalence of Depression among Iranian Patients with Beta-Thalassemia Major: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

دوره 47، شماره 1، فروردین 2022، صفحه 15-24
Zahra Jaafari؛ Nasrin Sadidi؛ Zahra Abdolahinia؛ Armita Shahesmaeili


Prevalence of Depression Symptoms among the Elderly Population of Southern Iran

دوره 1، شماره 1، پاییز 2013، صفحه 14-18
Fariba Moradi؛ Hassan Joulaei؛ Masuomeh Saffari؛ Najaf Zare؛ Mohammad Hossein Fallah Zadeh


Pro-Inflammatory Cytokines in Omani Type 2 Diabetic Patients Presenting Anxiety and Depression

دوره 7، شماره 2، تابستان 2010، صفحه 124-129
Masoud Al-Maskari؛ Ahmed Al-Shukaili؛ Ali Al-Mammari


Proton Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy to Detect Correlations between Clinical Symptoms and Brain Metabolite Levels in Patients with Tension-type Headache

دوره 10، شماره 5، دی 2020، صفحه 583-588
M Mohamadi؛ Z Rojhani-Shirazi؛ R Asadsangabi؛ A Rahimi-Jaberi


Psychological Predictors of Resilience in Parents of Insulin-Dependent Children and Adolescents

دوره 6، شماره 3، پاییز 2018، صفحه 239-249
Mitra Edraki؛ Masoume Rambod


Psychometric Properties and Diagnostic Accuracy of the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale in a Sample of Iranian Women

دوره 37، شماره 1، بهار 2012، صفحه 32-38
Nasrin Masaeli؛ Gholam Reza Kheirabadi؛ Mohammad Reza Maracy؛ Sahar Akbaripour


Relationship between Anxiety, Depression, and Personality Type and the Incidence of Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy in Patients with Distal Radius Fracture

دوره 33، شماره 2، تابستان 2008، صفحه 74-78
Alireza Hootkani؛ M.R. Fayyazi Bordbar؛ E. Ghayyem Hasankhani

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