Effectiveness of E-Curriculum in Social Networks during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Parents’, Teachers’ and Students’ Perspectives

صفحه 207-214
Ahmad Malekipour


The Effects of Audio-Only and Audio-Video Materials on Listening Comprehension and Critical Thinking among Dental Students: A Focus Group Analysis

صفحه 215-223
Zahra Ahmadpour Kasgari؛ Yalda Abdollahi؛ Shirin Abadikhah


An investigation into the Factors Affecting Perceived Enjoyment of Learning in Augmented Reality: A Path Analysis

صفحه 224-235
Maryam Darvishi؛ Mohammad Hassan Seif؛ Mohammad Reza Sarmadi؛ Mehran Farajollahi


Efficiency Evaluation of E-Learning Courses at Payam Noor University Based on Learning Usability Criteria

صفحه 236-245
Mahdi Mahmodi؛ Marjan Masomifard؛ Nazila KhatibZanjani؛ Manije Ahmadi


The Challenges of Implementing E-learning Courses in Iran’s Higher Education: A University Management Perspective

صفحه 246-255
Seyyed Majid Abdellahi؛ Amir Bagherzadegan؛ Zohreh Aghakasiri


Factors Affecting a Medical Faculty’s Engagement in Virtual Learning Environments

صفحه 256-264
Mehdi Vares؛ Maryam Moalemi؛ Manoosh Mehrabi


Blended Teaching/Learning Approach in Medical Schools: Need of the Day in the 21st Century

صفحه 265-268
Alam Sher Malik؛ Rukhsana Hussain Malik


Student Engagement: Developing Self-Generated Game-Assisted Activities for Teaching and Learning Language for Medical Purposes

صفحه 269-271
Saeed Khazaie؛ Nasrin Shokrpour

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