COVID-19 Outbreak and School Dropout; A Worldwide Challenge for an Equitable Future

صفحه 1-2
Hassan Joulaei؛ Ahmad Kalateh Sadati


The Structural Model of Students’ Academic Motivation Based on Teacher- Student Relationship, Attachment to School, and Metacognitive Awareness by the Mediator of Academic Optimism among High-School Students

صفحه 3-11
Atiyeh Amrollahi Beyooki؛ Mojgan Sepahmansour؛ Afsaneh Ghanbaipanah


Association of Physical Activity with Low Back Pain in School-Age Children and Adolescents: A Cross-Sectional Study

صفحه 12-19
Mohammad Bayattork؛ Mehdi Gheitasi؛ Lars Louis Andersen؛ Masoud Khorsandi Kolur؛ Esmaeil Mozafaripour


Adolescent Adjustment: Investigating the Predictive Role of Family Communication Patterns

صفحه 20-24
Alireza Zareian Jahromi؛ Mandana Mahmoudian؛ Siamak Samani


A Prospective Study on Profile of Gynaecological Problems in Adolescent Girls at a Tertiary Care Centre

صفحه 25-30
Nidhi Gupta؛ Ankita Srivastava؛ Neha Varun؛ Arifa Anwar؛ Aruna Nigam


The Relationship between the Physical Fitness and Academic Performance of Students in Douala, Cameroon: A Cross-Sectional Study

صفحه 31-38
Joseph Koupele Mouna؛ Peguy Brice Assomo Ndemba؛ Ernest Dalle؛ Jerson Mekoulou Ndongo؛ Wiliam Richard Guessogo؛ Claude Elysée Bika Lélé؛ William Mbang Bian؛ Samuel Honoré Mandengue؛ Laurent Serge Etoundi Ngoa؛ Abdou Temfemo


Effects of Perceived Autonomy Support in the Physical Education on Basic Psychological Needs Satisfaction, Intrinsic Motivation and Intention to Perform Physical Activity in High School Students

صفحه 39-46
Fatemeh Beigom Hosseini؛ Saeed Ghorbani؛ Reza Rezaeeshirazi


Effect of Eight-week Core Stabilization Exercises on Static and Dynamic Balance Indices in Girls with Hyperlordosis: A Controlled Laboratory Study

صفحه 47-54
Farideh Babakhani؛ Mohamadreza Hatefi؛ Mohadeseh Ashrafizadeh؛ Masoud Barzegar

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