Effect of Positive Self-Talk Training on Depression Alleviation in Students with Suicidal Ideation

دوره 10، شماره 2، تیر 2023، صفحه 62-68
Monire Sabzipour؛ Shokoufeh Mousavi؛ Mahmoud Reza Shahsavari


Quality of Life in Diabetic Patients: The Predicting Role of Personal Resources

دوره 6، شماره 3، مهر 2018، صفحه 142-148
Mohammad Hossein Kaveh؛ Somayeh Zare؛ Leila Ghahremani؛ Mahin Nazari


Resilience and Associated Factors in Mothers of Children with Congenital Heart Disease: A Cross-Sectional Study

دوره 9، شماره 4، دی 2021، صفحه 336-345
Masomeh Sanayeh؛ Manijeh Nourian؛ Saleheh Tajalli؛ Fatemeh Khoshnavay Fomani؛ Amir Heidari؛ Maliheh Nasiri


The Association between Self-Compassion and Academic Well-Being with the Mediating Role of Perceived Academic Stress and Academic Optimism in Female Students

دوره 8، شماره 2، تیر 2021، صفحه 101-109
Zahra Shirmohammadi؛ Zahra Eftekhar Saadi؛ Marzieh Talebzadeh Shoushtari


The Effect of Positive Thinking Skills Training and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy on Perceived Stress among Women with Breast Cancer

دوره 9، شماره 1، فروردین 2022، صفحه 9-16
Laleh Kianpour Barjoee؛ Naser Amini؛ Moloud Keykhosrovani؛ Abdollah Shafiabadi


The Prediction of Hospital Stress Based on Self-Actualization and Life Orientations (Optimism and Pessimism) in Female Nurses

دوره 8، شماره 1، فروردین 2021، صفحه 44-48
Habibollah Naderi؛ Abbas Akbari؛ Roya Abbasi-Asl؛ Fatemeh Amraee


The Structural Model of Students’ Academic Motivation Based on Teacher- Student Relationship, Attachment to School, and Metacognitive Awareness by the Mediator of Academic Optimism among High-School Students

دوره 7، شماره 4، دی 2020، صفحه 3-11
Atiyeh Amrollahi Beyooki؛ Mojgan Sepahmansour؛ Afsaneh Ghanbaipanah

سامانه مدیریت نشریات علمی. قدرت گرفته از سیناوب