Categorizing E-Learner Attributes in Personalized E-learning Environments: A Systematic Literature Review

صفحه 1-21
MohammadHassan Abbasi؛ Gholamali Montazer؛ Fatemeh Ghrobani؛ Zahra Alipour


COVID-19 and Its Impact on Undergraduate Students in an Indian Medical Institute: Learning Is in Full Swing

صفحه 22-28
Sudhir Bhandari؛ Monica Jain؛ Amarjeet Mehta؛ Shruti Bhargava؛ Deepali Pathak؛ Mohnish Grover؛ Ishwar Dayal Gupta


Virtual Reality Videos and Their Effect on Adolescent Anxiety during Orthodontic Treatments: A Parallel Randomized Controlled Trial

صفحه 29-37
Mahjoube Goldani Moghadam؛ Sadegh Hosseini Sede؛ Seiedeh Bentolhoda Mousavi؛ Saeid Mohtasham؛ Alireza Ehteshampour؛ Rosa Alikhani؛ Hamed Aramjoo؛ Majid Zare_Bidaki


Azimuth-Based Assessment of Spatial Orientation Performance: A Diagnostic Tool for Cognitive Impairment

صفحه 38-48
Zainab Gorzinmataee؛ Ebrahim Talaee؛ Omid Noroozi؛ Javad Hatami


Curriculum Components of Virtual Programs at a Medical University: The Students' Perspective

صفحه 49-57
Meimanat Abedini Baltork


Virtual or In-Person Training: Applying Activity-Based Costing in Nursing Education

صفحه 58-67
Leila Bazrafkan؛ Leila Mohammadinia؛ Mohammad Nikrou؛ Nasrin Shokrpour


Cultivating Clinical Experience: Effectiveness of Blended Learning in Pharmacy Education

صفحه 68-72
Justin DeCleene


Forester Navigation Application (FNA): Mobile Training in Environmental Organizations

صفحه 73-75
Hamidreza Sodagar؛ Mousareza Es'haghpour Rezaee؛ Hamideh Rezaei

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