Can a Smartphone be used for Balance Assessment during Walking in Lower Limb Amputees?

صفحه 47-53
Mohammad Reza Rezaie؛ Tahmoures Tahmasebi؛ Akbar Hassanzadeh


The Acute Effect of Static Stretch Alone and in Combination with Dynamic Exercise on Some Functional Indices in Athletes with and without Hamstring Tightness

صفحه 54-59
Maryam Azamifar؛ Rahman Sheikhhoseini؛ Rasoul Eslami


Lower Limb Amputee patients have comorbidities and risk of complications - Findings from a hospital audit

صفحه 60-65
Shyh Poh Teo


The Effect of Twelve-Week Neurofeedback Training on Pain, Proprioception, Strength and Postural Balance in Men with Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome: A Double-Blind Randomized Control Trial

صفحه 66-74
Mohamadreza Ahmadi؛ Ali Yalfani؛ Farzaneh Gandomi؛ Khosro Rashid


Description of Three Time-Domain Speech Features in Children with Down syndrome: A pilot study

صفحه 75-79
Shiva Ebrahimian Dehaghani؛ Mahmood Bijankhan؛ Fateme Arjmandpur؛ Hoda Mozoonei؛ Omid Yaghini؛ Mohadeseh Ebrahimian


Effect of Core Stability Training on the Endurance and Strength of Core in Basketball Players with Trunk Dysfunction

صفحه 80-86
Ebrahim Mohammad Ali Nasab Firouzjah؛ Hassan Daneshmandi؛ Ali Asghar Norasteh


Comparing the Effect of 8 Weeks of Total Body Resistance Exercise and Core Stability Training on Selected Common Abnormalities and Postural Control in Deaf Adolescents

صفحه 87-95
Foroogh Zakeri؛ Farzaneh Taghian


The Role of Physical Activity in the Immune System: Its Prevention and Control of the Consequences of Viral Diseases Especially Coronavirus

صفحه 96-97
Mojtaba Babaei Khorzoghi

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