The Effect of Water on the Prevalence of Communicable Diseases in Shiraz

صفحه 71-84
Zeinab Khosrojerdi؛ Mostafa Nadim؛ Soleyman Heidari


The History of First Modern Pharmacies Founded in Iran

صفحه 85-94
Manizheh Abdollahi؛ Ehya Amalsaleh


Introducing the Book Ikhtiyarat Badiei: An Investigation over its Importance in the Pharmacology of the Islamic Period

صفحه 95-102
Javad Ghazi Sha’rbaf؛ Reza Mohammadinasab؛ Mehri Basnas


Freud as a Psychotherapist and Scientist in Iran

صفحه 103-110
Mir Mohammad Khademnabi؛ Ali Khazaee Farid؛ Hamid Reza Aghamohammadian Sharbaf


Modernization in the Field of Medicine and Health in Pre-Constitutional Iran: A Case Study of the Ganjineh-e-Fonoon Journal

صفحه 111-122
Mohammad Heidari؛ Fateme Bineshifar؛ Farhad Nobakht


Investigating the Social Representations of Contagious Diseases in the 19th and 20th Centuries: A Corpus-based Analysis of Cholera, Measles, and Plague in American Historical Texts

صفحه 123-154
Sahar Abbasi Sardari؛ Mohammad Saber Khaghaninejad؛ Amirsaeid Moloodi


The Historical Impact of Holy Quran and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Hadith for Infection Control

صفحه 155-156
Thorakkal Shamim


In Honor of Dr. Li Wenliang: The First Doctor from Wuhan, China who Warned About the Outbreak of COVID-19

صفحه 157-160
Kazhal Mobaraki؛ Jamal Ahmadzadeh

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