An Unusual Case of Squamoid Eccrine Carcinoma of the Abdominal Wall with Inguinal Nodal Metastases: A Case Report and Review of the Literature

Brenna L. Hennessey؛ Logan S. Schwarzman؛ Dorotea Mutabdzic؛ Sameer A. Patel؛ Anthony J. Olszanski؛ Shelly B. Hayes؛ Hong Wu؛ Joshua E. Meyer؛ Sanjay Reddy


Lymph Node Status in Colorectal Cancer; Is There a Case for Auditing the Pathologist and the Surgeon?

Emil Salmo؛ Najib Haboubi


Surgery for Crohn’s Disease Affects Male Sexual Function

Kelly Scarberry؛ Justin T Brady؛ Kyle Scarberry؛ Sharon L Stein؛ Emily Steinhagen


Gradual Histopathologic Changes During Development of Colorectal Cancer

Vahid Nejati؛ Jamileh Abedi؛ Maedeh Vakili Saatloo؛ Maryam Koohsoltani؛ Rahim Hobbenaghi؛ Amir Tukmachi


One for All, All for One

Stefano Pontone


Dengue and Colorectal Disease

Viroj Wiwanitkit


Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease as a Risk for Colorectal Cancer Development and the Role of Screening Colonoscopy in Clinical Practice

Cosmas Rinaldi Adithya Lesmana؛ Mutiara Lirendra؛ Laurentius Adrianto Lesmana


Pooled Analysis of the Routine Nasogastric Decompression Necessity for Elective Gastrectomy

Ping Yang؛ Xiu-Feng Lin؛ Chen-Fei Xie؛ Fan Luo؛ Hai-Ying Liang؛ Wei Li

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