A Survey of the Role of Buddhism in Medical Knowledge Exchange between Iran and China in Ancient Era

دوره 6، شماره 2، تابستان 2017
Hamid Kavyani Pooya


Distance Education in China

دوره 1، شماره 2، زمستان 2010، صفحه 24-31
Mehran Farajollahi؛ Mitra Daneshvar


Gender Differences in Grandparent Attachment Among Chinese Students

دوره 3، شماره 2، تابستان 2016، صفحه 1-6
Ruth X. Liu؛ Zeng-Yin Chen


Investigating the Role of Single Herbal Medicine Trade in the Development of Pharmacological Knowledge in Fars in the Eighth and Ninth Centuries AH

دوره 10، شماره 1، اردیبهشت 2021، صفحه 3-16
Ahmad Fazlinejad؛ Sedigheh Parvizinia


Perspectives on opium trade from Persia to China and its impacts on the economic life and health of Iranian people

دوره 6، شماره 4، زمستان 2017
Mostafa Namdari Monfared

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