COVID-19 Vaccine and the Necessity to Identify Its Side Effects

دوره 10، شماره 4، دی 2022، صفحه 518-519
Rozhan Khezri؛ Saeed Golfiroozi؛ Hossein- Ali Nikbakht؛ Zahra Maleki؛ Mousa Ghelichi- Ghojogh


Electronic-Cigarette (Vapors) Smoking and the Risk of COVID-19

دوره 11، 1 (Supplement)، فروردین 2023، صفحه 260-261
Rozhan Khezri؛ Saeed Golfiroozi؛ Layla Shojaie؛ Hossein- Ali Nikbakht؛ Sepideh Jahanian؛ Zahra Maleki؛ Mousa Ghelichi- Ghojogh


Evaluation of the Results of Services Provided in Breast Cancer Counseling and Screening Clinics in Babol, 2012-2017

دوره 11، شماره 2، تیر 2023، صفحه 308-316
Fatemeh Jafari؛ Sepideh Mohseni Heidari؛ Layla Shojaie؛ Mohebat Vali؛ Fatemeh Jahani؛ Seyed-Mostaffa Mirzad؛ Hossein-Ali Nikbakht؛ Soheil Hassanipour Azgomi؛ Mousa Ghelichi- Ghojogh؛ Haleh Ghaem


Similarities between COVID-19 and Leptospirosis Signs and Symptoms May Lead to a Delay in Diagnosis and a Misleading Increase in Reported Cases of COVID-19

دوره 11، 1 (Supplement)، فروردین 2023، صفحه 264-266
Layla Shojaie؛ Rozhan Khezri؛ Mohaddese Mirzapour؛ Soraia Khafri؛ Mousa Ghelichi- Ghojogh؛ Hossein-Ali Nikbakht

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