Iranian Journal of Medical Sciences

Iranian Journal of Immunology

Shiraz E Medical Journal

Journal of Dentistry

Annals of Colorectal Research

International Cardiovascular Research Journal

Middle East Journal of Digestive Disease

Middle East Journal of Cancer

International Journal of Organ Transplantation Medicine

Journal of Biomedical Physics & Engineering

Journal of Research on History of Medicine

Journal of Advances in Medical Education & Professionalism

International Journal of Community Based Nursing & Midwifery

Bulletin of Emergency & Trauma

Journal of Health Sciences & Surveillance System

Journal of Health Management & Informatics

Journal of Rehabilitation Sciences and Research

Galen Medical Journal

International Journal of School Health

Women’s Health Bulletin

Trends in Pharmaceutical Sciences

مجله دانشگاهی يادگيری الکترونيکی (Magazine of E-Learning Distribution in Academy)

فصلنامه حسابداری سلامت (Journal of Health Accounting

مجله علوم پزشکی صدرا