Diagnostic Accuracy of Abdominal Ultrasonography in Pediatric Acute Appendicitis

دوره 7، Issue 3، مهر 2019، صفحه 278-283
Alireza Pedram؛ Fatemeh Asadian؛ Naghmeh Roshan


Diagnostic Accuracy of Peripheral White Blood Cell Count, Fever and Acute Leukocutosis for Bacterial Meningitis in Patients with Severe Traumatic Brain Injury

دوره 3، Issue 2، تابستان 2015، صفحه 53-58
Hosseinali Khalili؛ Golnaz Yadollahikhales؛ Mohammad Isaee


Diagnostic Accuracy of Physical Examination and History Taking in Traumatic Rib Fracture; A Single Center Experience

دوره 8، شماره 2، تیر 2020، صفحه 111-114
Navid Kalani؛ Seyed Reza Habibzade؛ Roya Ghahremaninezhad؛ Ayoub Tavakolian؛ Naser Hatami؛ Saeed Barazandeh pour؛ Samaneh Abiri


Diagnostic Value Evaluation of Bed Ultrasound Compared with Wound Openness to Diagnose Tendon Rupture in Penetrating Hand Trauma at Taleghani Hospital in Kermanshah, 2019

دوره 9، شماره 1، فروردین 2021، صفحه 15-20
Amirhosein Meisami


Evaluation of Ferrous-Agarose-Xylenol Gel Properties in Radiation Dosimetry

دوره 2، شماره 2، تابستان 2012
M. Dehghan؛ H. Mokhtari؛ F. Bouzarjomehri


Modelling system of two insulin-glucose delays to achieve the dynamics of glucose changes

مقالات آماده انتشار، اصلاح شده برای چاپ ، انتشار آنلاین از تاریخ 26 بهمن 1399
Reza Vosoughi؛ Zohreh Sadeghi Goghari؛ Amir Homayoun Jafari


The Predictive Value of Repeated Abdominal Ultrasonography in Patients with Multiple Trauma and Decreased Level of Consciousness: The Experience of a Resource-Limited Centre

دوره 6، Issue 1، بهار 2018، صفحه 26-30
Shahram Paydar؛ Behnam Dalfardi؛ Bardia Zangbar-Sabegh؛ Hossein Heidaripour؛ Leila Pourandi؛ Alireza Shakibafard؛ Mehdi Tahmtan؛ Leila Shayan؛ Mohammad Hadi Niakan


Ultra-Sensitive Optical Biosensor Based on Whispering Gallery Modes: The Effect of Buffer Solutions Refractive Index on Their Sensitivity and Performance

دوره 3، شماره 2، تابستان 2013
H. Nadgaran؛ R. Pourmand


Ultrasonography Accuracy for Perianal Fistula Anatomy

دوره 2، شماره 2، تابستان 2014، صفحه 0-0
Leila Ghahramani؛ Seyed Vahid Hosseini؛ Ahmad Izadpanah؛ Alimohammad Bananzadeh؛ Mohammad Rezazadeh Kermani؛ Alireza Safarpour

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