Comparative Evaluation of Analgesic Activity of Solenanthus circinatus Ledeb. Root Extract and Fractions in Rat Models of Pain

دوره 6، شماره 3، پاییز 2020، صفحه 153-162
Mohammad Ali Farboodniay Jahromi؛ Akram Jamshidzadeh؛ Sajedeh Sokooti


Comparing Different Epinephrine Concentrations for Spinal Anesthesia in Cesarean Section: A Double-Blind Randomized Clinical Trial

دوره 40، شماره 4، پاییز 2015، صفحه 302-308
Arash Hamzei؛ Seyed Hossein Nazemi؛ Ali Alami؛ Arezoo Davarinia Motlagh Gochan؛ Azizollah Kazemi


Effect of Intravenous Ketorolac on Postoperative Pain in Mandibular Fracture Surgery; A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial

دوره 5، Issue 1، بهار 2017، صفحه 13-17
Hamid Reza Eftekharian؛ Homa Ilkhani pak


Gout Remedies in Traditional Iranian Medicine (TIM)

دوره 1، شماره 4، زمستان 2012
Pouya Faridi؛ Zohreh Abolhassanzadeh؛ Mohammad M. Zarshenas؛ Abdolali Mohagheghzadeh


Spiral Computed Tomography with Phytocomposition as a Diagnostic Tool for Adhesive Intestinal Obstruction

دوره 10، شماره 5، دی 2020، صفحه 607-612
F Mufazalov؛ I Sufiyarov؛ A Hasanov؛ G Yamalova؛ E Bakirov؛ A Samorodov


The Effects of Intravenous Acetaminophen on Pain and Clinical Findings of Patients with Acute Appendicitis; A Randomized Clinical Trial

دوره 2، Issue 1، بهار 2014، صفحه 22-26
Seyed Mohsen Mousavi؛ Shahram Paydar؛ Sedigheh Tahmasebi؛ Leila Ghahramani

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