Small Bowel Obstruction Secondary to Femoral Hernia; Case Report and Review of the Literature

دوره 4، Issue 1، بهار 2016، صفحه 51-53
Majid Akrami؛ Mohamamd Yasin Karami؛ Vahid Zangouri؛ Iman Deilami؛ Mehrnoush Maalhagh


Strangulated Small Bowel Obstruction in Paracecal Hernia and Laparoscopic Approach: A Case Report and Review of Literature

دوره 6، شماره 4، آذر 2018
Stefano Mandalà؛ Antonino Mirabella؛ Massimo Lupo؛ Massimo Branca؛ Camillo La Barbera؛ Carlo Szokoll؛ Vincenzo Mandalà


Surgical and Endoscopic Treatment of a Double Phytobezoar Causing Ileus and Jaundice: A Case Report

دوره 44، شماره 1، فروردین 2019، صفحه 70-73
Konstantinos A Paschos؛ Anestis Chatzigeorgiadis

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